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Avrum I. Musnik D.C.

Doctor Name: Avrum I. Musnik D.C.
Practice Name: n/a
Website: n/a
Address: 8808 151st Avenue
City: Howard Beach
Zip Code: 11414
Phone: (718) 845-3721
Email: D.AMusnik@verizon.net
Instrumentation: DTG
Adjusting Instrument: Precision Adjuster
Adjusting Table: Drop Tables
X-Ray: n/a
College: n/a
Graduation Year: n/a
State Abbreviated: NY

Upper Cervical Specific, Logan Basic, C5 Adjusting

Results Background: Strict use of the Pierce-Results System since 1976. I use the DTG, x-ray analysis, and manual/instrument adjusting. I get great pre/post x-rays and DTG readings. Teaching Pierce-Results to chiropractors.