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Dr. Jan Klesko

Doctor Name: Dr. Jan Klesko
Practice Name: Avenue Chiropractic Clinic
Address: 11737-83 Street
City: Edmonton, Alberta
Zip Code: T5B-2Z1
Phone: 780-477-3611 Office | 780-446-2991 Cell
Email: Bakdrjrk@shaw.ca
Instrumentation: DTG graph instrument and handheld Decade III Derma-therm
Adjusting Instrument: 2 Precision Spinal Adjusters
College: Palmer College
Graduation Year: 1982
Results Background: 35 years of practicing P-S-T since graduating from Palmer College in 1982.  Taught by Dr. Walter V. Pierce, Sr.
Other Techniques - Gonstead, Thompson Technique, Toggle recoil, and some SOT blocking in disc cases.