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Doctors List

Drs. Carry & Julie Crist

Doctor Name: Drs. Carry & Julie Crist
Practice Name: Crist Family Chiropractic
Address: 1106 Main
City: Crete
Zip Code: 68333
Phone: 402-826-5097
Email: carryc@yahoo.com
Instrumentation: DT 25, Titron 5000
Adjusting Instrument: Sigma Adjuster
X-Ray: Digital x-ray, Video Fluoroscopy x-ray
College: Palmer
State Abbreviated: NE

Dr. Julie has been practicing 30 years with the Pierce Results System. Her father and uncle were both chiropractors and she was fortunate to go to Palmer with Dr. Pierce,Jr. who introduced her to this technique. When she met and married Carry Crist, he became a chiropractor and now has been practicing utilizing the System for 8 years.