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Kathleen M. Carten DC, DICCP, LCP, FICA, DPHCS

Doctor Name: Kathleen M. Carten DC, DICCP, LCP, FICA, DPHCS
Practice Name: Carten Chiropractic Centre
Address: 745 High Street, Suite 218
City: Westwood
Zip Code: 02090
Phone: 781-329-6061
Email: drcarten@aol.com
Instrumentation: Tytron, DT 25
Adjusting Instrument: VF Adjuster, Ultralign VF Adjuster
Adjusting Table: Zenith 230, 130, 60 - all with Pierce headpiece
X-Ray: Plain films on Continental high frequency visualizer
College: Palmer College, Davenport
Graduation Year: 1993
State Abbreviated: MA

Studied extensively under Dr. Pierce, Sr. for countless hours from 1987 through his last seminar in 1993.
1993 - Graduate Palmer College, Davenport, Certified in Videofluoroscopy
1998 - Conferred Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatrics
2000 - Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers Designation
2000 - Distinguished Fellow International Chiropractors Association
2005 - Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophy

Other Techniques - Logan basic, Upper Cervical Toggle, Animal Adjusting