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Walter Vern Pierce, Sr.

CHIRP CHIROPRACTIC SALES, INC. has been serving the chiropractic profession for over 50 years.  Founded and built upon the work of the late Dr. Walter V. Pierce, Sr. CHIRP CHIROPRACTIC SALES, a family operated business, continues to provide you with the educational materials and equipment recommended to practice Dr. Walter V. Pierce’s “RESULTS SYSTEM”.

From educational DVDs, and the “RESULTS” manual, analytical rulers, diagnostic instrumentation to instrument adjusting, we can get you started in practicing the “RESULTS SYSTEM”.  We offer continuing education seminars and have a network of chiropractors throughout the country, willing to help your transition from studying the System, into practical, hands on learning.

Dr. Pierce graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1955. For over 15 years, he continuously developed and instructed the Pierce “Results System”.

The Pierce “Result System” is not a technique, but a combination of various techniques developed on the premises that “getting sick people well in the shortest amount of time possible” is the best practice builder. The “Results System” has been instructed throughout the world and in several major chiropractic colleges.

$125 – “THE FINAL WORD” 1993 (DVD set)

Commemorating 25 years since the passing of our founder and mentor, Dr. Walter V. Pierce, Sr.
Recorded by chance, this recording was filmed at Sherman College 10 days prior to his untimely passing. This DVD recording truly lets us understand from Dr. Pierce, Sr. himself why we practice this System. The philosophy, his opinions, and the instruction is invaluable. Truly, our founders “Final Word”.

A DVD set keepsake, Dr. Pierce instructing as only he could, would certainly be treasured by anyone practicing the “Pierce-Results System”.

5 DVD SET OVER 8 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION . . . . . . . . . . $125.00

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Over 257 pages of the Pierce Results System.  This manual has been used for decades, teaching D.C.’s how to get sick people well in the shortest amount of time with the least cost per case.  This book could be the most valuable tool when trying to decide what to do with your next patient.  The examples provided can also be used to educate your patients as to how other people have responded, time needed to get well, and the structural changes and goals necessary for a stable spinal network.
Table of Contents Include:

  • Your First Office
  • Chiropractic Lay Lecture
  • The Clinic
  • The New Patient
  • Office Procedures
  • Instrumentation
  • X-Ray Positioning
  • X-Ray Analysis/Cervical and Pelvic
  • Adjusting Technique
  • Results (Case Histories)
  • Chiropractic and Children



Professionally created, featuring Dr. Walter V. Pierce himself.  Much the same educational material as the Results Book, of course with much more detailed visuals (Adjustments, X-rays, Video Fluoroscopy, etc.).