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Doctors List

Carolyn Fish D.C. & Gary Fish D.C.

Doctor Name: Carolyn Fish D.C. & Gary Fish D.C.
Practice Name: n/a
Website: n/a
Address: 455 W. Crossville Road
City: Roswell
Zip Code: 30075
Phone: (770) 518-7700
Email: BigFish-1@juno.com
Instrumentation: DTG
Adjusting Instrument: Adjusting Instruments
Adjusting Table: Zenith 60 and 230
X-Ray: Video Fluoroscopy X-Ray with Pierce x-ray analysis rulers
College: n/a
Graduation Year: n/a
State Abbreviated: GA

Activator, Extremity Adjusting, Network, Dr. Carolyn is a Pediatric Fellow of the ICPA.

Results Background: Dr. Gary participated in seminars beginning in 1980. Dr. Gary trained with Dr. Pierce, Sr. to teach his entry level classes before his untimely death. Dr. Carolyn started training with Dr. Pierce in 1989 to 1990.