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Norris Golberg, D.C.

Doctor Name: Norris Golberg, D.C.
Practice Name: Koru Chiropractic Corrective Care, Family Focused, Results Driven
Address: 956 West Cherry Street, #102
City: Louisville
Zip Code: 80224
Phone: 720-593-9796
Email: info@koruchiropractic.com
Instrumentation: Tytron, Paraspinal thermography, Insight Subluxation Station, (thermography, HRV, sEMG)
Adjusting Instrument: Sigma Variable Frequency instrument adjuster
Adjusting Table: Zenith drop tables, Model 60 and 230 hi/lo, Lloyd upper cervical elevation table
X-Ray: Digital X-Ray and Boone L-frame for full spine, flexion/extension and upper cervical specific imaging
College: Life University
Graduation Year: 2016
State Abbreviated: CO
Results Background: Dr. Golberg graduated with honors from Life University in 2016. He served as the Pierce Results Club Vice President on the student executive board after becoming Level 1 certified. After graduating, Dr. Golberg was an associate at Dr. Jordan Cooper's practice from 2016 to 2018 at which time he left to start his own private practice in Boulder County, CO. Dr. Golberg primarily practices the Pierce-Results System with an orthogonal based approach when it comes to specific upper cervical analysis adjustments.